"I help companies improve productivity and grow their bottom line by elevating employees from tactical thinkers to strategic leaders." – Val Grubb

A dynamic, engaging, and entertaining speaker who draws on decades of senior-level leadership experience in a variety of industries, Valerie M. Grubb educates and inspires her audiences to achieve breakthrough results, exceed their own expectations, and propel their organizations to success. With irrepressible energy and enthusiasm, she delivers keynotes, training, and coaching that are far from “ho-hum” and fully in the realm of “knock your socks off”!

She’ll leave your audience with the knowledge and tools to improve productivity and grow your bottom line!

Val's Clients



Hosting a company-wide meeting or off-site event? Hire Val as your keynote speaker to engage, motivate, and inspire your employees. With her confident, easygoing, and intelligent style, Val engages audiences in interactive presentations that are insightful, humorous, and relevant.


Val has special expertise in translating company vision into strategic learning initiatives that resonate with both senior management and employees. Serving a variety of industries and organizations of all sizes, Val customizes her methods and messages to meet each client’s needs.


Val’s coaching programs help leaders develop the skills and personality traits they need to perceive, interpret, and respond to the complexities inherent to the executive management level. Val draws on her own extensive executive experience and her training as a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered Coach to customize her coaching for each client.



Clash of the Generations offers insights into what motivates and engages employees of all ages. Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned one, this book will strengthen your management game!" - Marshall Goldsmith

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