Leadership on the Front Lines

Inspiring Others to Action!

Leadership on the Front LinesJohn Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States, said “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Moving words for sure, but how do you become a person who inspires others?

Start by defining what traits make up great leadership (the 7 Core Competencies from my previous blog) and what that means on the front lines (i.e., your day-to-day management). Download our quick quiz* which will help you determine how you rate at utilizing each Core Competency and what traits you should target for improvement.

But first, take a look at each core competency in action and what each means in terms of how your leadership should look on the front lines:

Core Competency #1: Visionary

Facilitate the connection between Department/Individual Goals, Company Goals and Employee Performance.Seek input on how to accomplish those goals, gaining buy-in and support along the way.Empower your employees, don’t micromanage.

Core Competency #2: Inspirational

Inspire by example – every word and action should demonstrate your passion and commitment to the Company’s vision and employee’s achieving their goals. Encourage others to challenge themselves and achieve outstanding results. Generate enthusiasm for working at the company and achieving results.

Core Competency #3: Strategic

Force yourself to think outside the box and listen to new ideas on how to accomplish tasks – don’t accept “business as usual” thinking, especially from yourself! Reason logically with objectivity and precision. Develop long-term plans that leverage resources and develop contingency plans as resources change or become unavailable.

Core Competency #4: Tactical

Understand budgeting and financial statements and their connection to the Company’s overall health. Understand the connection between your department’s initiatives and the Company achieving its goals. Achieve your own goals and objectives while empowering your employees to accomplish their goals!

Core Competency #5: Persuasive

Develop and lead with a high degree of emotional intelligence. Use power with restraint and tact but quickly and assuredly when needed. Express your ideas confidently and assertively while respecting differing points of view. Overcome resistance to close the sale or win support for your ideas.

Core Competency #6: Decisive

Deal promptly with problems and issues and show confidence in making tough decisions. Assimilate information to determine the correct course of action and remain firm when challenged. Take immediate action and avoid procrastination. Act as a catalyst in group decisions.

Core Competency #7: Ethical

Set clear performance expectations and hold your employees accountable through regular feedback. Practice open and honest communication. Be the ethical gold standard in all that you do, even when pushed by time constraints.

(*Adapted from Getting in Touch with the Candidate, Management Team Consultants, 1990)

The KEY to increasing your Leadership acumen is that you have to commit to an action plan for improvement. Join me next time as I tackle what YOUR action plan should look like.

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