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I’m delighted to share my latest article, Traveling Together, which was just published in The Journal, AARP International’s quarterly magazine. The article emphasizes the need for city managers throughout the world to address local transportation and accessibility challenges as older adults traveling independently or with their adult children are on the rise.

Thank you to AARP International and Holly Schultz in particular for this opportunity! I look forward to growing our partnership!

Traveling Together

by Valerie M. Grubb, publisher –

With medical and technological advances increasing both longevity (the United States 65-plus population is projected to hit 92.2 million in 20201) and quality of life, more older adults than ever are engaging in travel—currently 45.5 million annually (and growing in number) in the US alone. Many of them travel independently, but with multigenerational US households on the rise, and increasing numbers of Americans (currently 34 million-plus) caring for an older relative, the number of caregivers aged 50 and under who travel with their older parents continues to climb—in many cases, an arrangement that makes travel possible for older people who would be unable or unwilling to vacation on their own.
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