Revealing your Inner Passion: 3 Simple Steps to Uncovering Long Dormant Dreams

Revealing your Inner Passion: 3 Simple Steps to Uncovering Long Dormant DreamsWriting an article on figuring out your inner passion may be an unusual topic for a blog on management issues.  However, my blog hit a milestone last week – one year(!) since my inaugural blog was published and it has reminded me how much I LOVE writing!  When I was a child, I used to write story after story for my parents (and anyone else who would read them).  Somewhere along the road to adulthood, my passion for writing was lost.  Or should I say, it was merely dormant as I’ve found my passion again while writing my blog and have maintained it for a year now.  Turns out that is a feat unto itself; according to Technorati1, a search engine for blogs, 95% of blogs are abandoned within a year from inception.

I’m guessing you’ve got a passion beyond your day-to-day that’s longing to burst forth.  The challenge is how to focus on your passion when deadlines loom both in the office and outside.  I’m guilty myself as demonstrated by the lag in publishing a new blog since taking on a new 6-month full-time consulting project in LA.  Bi-weekly turned into bi-monthly on the way to the airport!

What’s on your list that never sees the light of progress? (That’s your passion list, not your laundry list).  Now is the time to take your first steps towards what you want to accomplish in your life.  To get started:

  1. Complete a career oriented worksheet to help you uncover and explore your long-dormant passion.
  2. Figure out how to work in progress every week.  This can be as simple as carving out 30 minutes of time to contemplate, research, plan and actively pursue your passion.  Problems with time management?  Read this article from the Mayo Clinic: Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity
  3. In a study sponsored by the Ford Foundation2, 67% of people generally know what they want but don’t have any plans on how to get it.  Lay out a simple plan on paper, which will keep you on track when other responsibilities tug at your time.  Keep your plan in close reach – so you’re reminded of it everyday.  Consider using a SMART goals worksheetto help you define your goals and timeframe.

Get started now, before another two months go by and you realize your passion is still, or once again, dormant!

What’s your inner passion?  Share your passion here with 1500+ followers and we’ll check back in two months to see what progress you’ve made!

1. Source: NY Times: Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest

2. Source: Abundant Lives Coaching: Writing Down your Goals/Visions

4 thoughts on “Revealing your Inner Passion: 3 Simple Steps to Uncovering Long Dormant Dreams”

  1. Thanks Katherine! And YO Mike! We are SO due! When we signing up?!?!? Let’s do it! Glad you liked the article – time to go back to cook (that’s certainly one of our passions!).

  2. Val:

    Revealing Your Inner Passion!!!!….So Me! Love it and I am going to utilize it in MY LAUNCH!

    Thanks and Cheers!

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