The New Eco Imperative: Four Longer-Term Investments in a Greener Workplace (Part 2 of 3)

targetYour office recycles almost everything and always buys 100% recycled paper. However, you still can’t shake the feeling that your green light could be burning brighter. No problem, you’ve grabbed some low-hanging fruit, so take your time to linger the over the following longer lead items for investments in a greener workplace:

Put it in Writing

Ensure the environment a workplace priority by making eco-friendly policies such as a paper reduction official. Communicate your new policies the green way – email or post them on your intranet.

Behold Better Bathrooms

Company bathrooms account for up to 75% of water consumption in most workplaces.  Upgrades can be as simple as fixing leaks and retrofitting low flow fixtures in your existing bathrooms. Even simpler? Post signs to remind employees turn off the faucet.

Offer Eco-friendly Compensation

Extend your eco-commitment to your employee benefits packages by offering socially responsible 401K funds, green transportation subsidies, and paid time off for volunteering. Current employees and future hires will appreciate your dedication to the environment (and the benefits!)

Re-think, Relocate, Renovate

Green options abound when you’re considering a new space, or renovating the one you have. Encourage eco-friendly commuting by installing bike racks, showers and choosing a site close to public transportation. Do away with dark interior paint, and fully or partially retrofit with energy efficient fixtures including motion sensor lights. When shopping for leases, look for LEED certification. When your organization expands its commitment to the environment, consider your carbon footprint beyond basic recycling: Look at broader green initiatives such as policies, employee compensation and office space for investments in a greener workplace.

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