Upping Your People Leadership Skills – Managing Employees to Achieve Their Best Results

8-week LIVE program for individual participants


Managing employees can be one of the most challenging—and one of the most rewarding—responsibilities on your plate as you move up within an organization. This is especially true in today’s labor market where finding great people is just as difficult as keeping them (“great resignation” anyone?!?!).

The old saying “employees join companies but leave managers” underscores just how important effective people leadership is: retaining employees directly rides on your ability to motivate and inspire your staff—a challenge that’s further complicated by the rise of remote workers and hybrid workplaces. Fortunately, great managers are made not born. You can up your people skills and learn how to be the leader your employees (and organization!) need now and in the future.

This 8-week online program will bring together 12 individual managers from varying organizations and backgrounds to learn how to stem the tide of resignations and unleash creativity and innovation in your teams! Through workshops and coaching sessions, you will learn how to develop the skills you need to up your leadership game and become an effective people manager!


Topics covered in this program include:

  • Setting goals that matter to the company, to your department and to your employees (getting them to care leads to better retention!)
  • How to hold employees accountable regardless of whether they work in the office, remotely, or on a hybrid schedule
  • How to stop micromanaging your employees and instead give them the tools they need to realize their true potential
  • Techniques that motivate and engage employees (and practices that do the exact opposite!)
  • How to use empathy and clear communication to establish trust and strengthen your influence
  • Using coaching and feedback simultaneously to develop your employees
  • Effective delegation strategies (and why poor delegation does more harm than good)
  • How to unleash your employees’ creativity and innovation for better problem-solving
  • How to manage problem employees back to being great team members (and what to do if your efforts don’t succeed)
  • People-centric leadership that doesn’t sacrifice professionalism


Dates & Specific Topics

All workshop sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants within 24 hours following the session. Coaching sessions are NOT recorded. All sessions will cover in-person, remote and hybrid management situations. Attendees will pick either 10 – 11 am or 11 am – 12n on Fridays for group coaching sessions.


Session #1 – Tuesday, 3/14/23: 12n CST – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #1: Friday, 3/17/23

Session #1 topic: Goal Setting & Accountability


Session #2 – Wednesday, 3/22/23: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #2 – Friday, 3/24/23

Session #2 topic: Delegation


Session #3: Tuesday, 3/28/23: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #3 – Friday, 3/31/23

Session #3 topic: Motivating Employees on a Daily Basis


Session #4: Tuesday, 4/4/23: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #4: Friday, 4/7/23

Session #4 topic: Giving Feedback to Direct Reports, Peers & Your Boss


Session #5: Tuesday, 4/11/23: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #5: Friday, 4/14/23

Session #5 Topic: Coaching


Session #6: Tuesday, 4/18/22: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #6: Friday, 4/21/22

Session #6 Topic: Difficult Conversations (Part I)


Session #7: Tuesday, 4/25/23: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #7: Friday, 4/28/23

Session #7 Topic: Difficult Conversations (Part II)


Session #8: Tuesday, 5/2/23: 12n – 1:15 pm CST

Coaching #8 – Friday, 5/5/23

Session #8 Topic: Program Recap and Your Gameplan Going Forward



$4,000  FLASH SALE $3,500 includes all eight 1-hour sessions, eight 1-hour group coaching sessions (and recordings of each which you’ll have unlimited access to) AND two individual coaching sessions at the attendee’s preference (including after the program ends).

Payment can be made by check, credit card (fees apply) or Venmo/PayPal (fees apply).


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