Coaching Senior Leaders to Succeed

Coach your senior leaders to success!


Leaders are made, they are not born.
— Vince Lombardi

As leaders grow in seniority, their need for technical competencies diminishes and their need for interpersonal and social competencies increases. An effective leader must possess the skills and personality traits needed to perceive, interpret, and respond to the complexities of senior management.

Drawing on nearly two decades of experience in senior leadership positions in several highly successful organization, on over a decade of experience coaching senior executives. Val offers confidential coaching that helps executives achieve greater understanding of the exact skills they need to manage effectively. She is certified as a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coaching Stakeholder-Centered Coach and is particularly adept at coaching operations executives in high-growth and politically complex work environments.

Although each leader’s path is unique, the components of success are universal and fall into three interrelated categories:

  • Personal: self-awareness, self-management, integrity, and authenticity
  • Relational: interpersonal skill, effective communication, ability to inspire and influence
  • Organizational: political savvy, diplomacy, organizational awareness, tolerance for change and uncertainty

Val helps her clients excel in several key areas:

  • Transitioning your communication style to suit the needs of your CEO and board of directors
  • Managing politically charged situations and fellow executives
  • Steering change-management initiatives that cross entire organizations
  • Developing direct reports who manage a highly diverse and geographically dispersed workforce
  • Increasing operational and financial acumen to help meet your company’s goals and objectives
  • Fostering an environment of personal accountability to improve morale and company culture

She works primarily with directors, vice presidents, and C-level executives of large- and medium-sized organizations and nonprofits in a variety of industries.

Contact Val if you’re a highly motivated individual who wants to develop leadership skills that meet today’s unique challenges of executive management!

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