Hosting a company-wide meeting or off-site event?

Consider using a professional keynote speaker who can help engage, motivate, and inspire your employees to perform at levels even they didn’t know were possible!

A professional keynote speaker sets the tone for a gathering. They can summarize the event’s goals, reinforce an organization’s mission and vision, emphasize a company’s critical messaging or culture statements, deliver training in an entertaining yet educational manner, help the company make a surprise disclosure or important announcement—or all of the above.


Any good speaker can help with these objectives. But if you want someone to do so with style, flair, and impact, you need Valerie M. Grubb.

Her decades in senior leadership positions and extensive speaking and management experience give Val the necessary wisdom both to understand critical information and to communicate it effectively.

With her confident, easy and intelligent style,  Val is

  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Professional
  • Humorous (in the correct measure)
  • Insightful
  • Inspiring

. . . and perhaps most importantly,

  • Relevant to your employees. (The most effective keynote presentations incorporate your company’s language. Val will spend the time with you to make sure that her presentation addresses your company’s specific needs and sounds like she is “one of your own.”)
  • Able to deliver last value. (Gaining knowledge in the moment is great, but what really matters is if your employees return to work able to demonstrate lasting insights that help propel your organization to greater success – that is Val’s “secret sauce” that separates her from other speakers.)

One thing Val is not: boring. Your employees will walk out of her presentation engaged, motivated, and inspired.

Contact Val to find out how she can drive your message home!

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