The New Eco Imperative: Four Simple Steps Toward a Greener Workplace (Part 1 of 3)

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series on Going Green, the New Eco Imperative
The New Eco Imperative: Four Simple Steps Toward a Greener Workplace (Part 1 of 3)It’s an environmental jungle out there. Everyone has something to say about “going green.” Where should the average small or medium-sized business begin? I say reach up and grab some low-hanging-fruit that can immediately reduce your organization’s carbon footprint:

Make Recycling Robust

Place recycling bins everywhere.  Chances are, people won’t go out of their way — so make recycling convenient. And remember that recycling goes beyond paper these days.  Include recycling for plastic, glass, cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges & toners, and electronic equipment.

Think Local

States, cities, municipalities and office buildings all have different ideas about what can be recycled and how to recycle it.  To make sure your recycling doesn’t go to waste (literally), find out about regulations in your area. And don’t forget to communicate your plan to cleaning personnel!

Be an Informed Buyer

When buying paper, make sure it’s chlorine-free with 80% to 100% recycled content. Many large discount retailers now dedicate sections of their websites to green products.  Purchase non-toxic cleaning products and ditch the plastic utensils —substitute reusable kitchenware such as coffee cups. Green products are often slightly more expensive, so buy in bulk to offset the cost.

Green Your Office — Literally

The EPA estimates that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental public health risks today. By bringing plants into your office, you can naturally purify the air, reduce employee stress and create an inviting space.  DIY is not required: there are plant delivery and maintenance providers for every size and budget.

By implementing robust recycling, ensuring that waste gets to the right place, buying recycled products and detoxing your office with plants, you will be making an important step towards a greener environment — for your office and the world beyond.

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