New Year, New You

New Year, New YouEgads, where did last year go?!

I know it’s just my imagination, but it certainly does feel as though time goes by faster and faster each year. Didn’t I just make my new year’s resolutions for 2013?

Oh well, that’s one great thing about life: a new year is a new opportunity to start fresh. As 2014 kicks off, consider these suggestions for making it a great one for you:

  • Stop talking about what you’re going to do and just do it.
  • Stop living the life someone else wants you to live and live the one you want.
  • Forget about whatever happened (or didn’t happen) in 2013 and focus on what’s coming up in 2014.
  • Take risks and push yourself; you have only one life, and it’s time to make the most of it.
  • Make new year’s resolutions and hold yourself accountable for achieving them, no matter the cost.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Check back next month for my next blog on networking smarter, not harder.

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